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Dr. Fred Beranek

Program Director

Frederick (Fred) Beranek, PhD

Program Director (Health & Environment), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Dr. Beranek has almost 40 years of experience within the governmental nuclear industry, in the US, UK and Canada, primarily in the areas of engineering management, laboratory R&D, nuclear safety and Environmental, Safety, Health and Quality Assurance (ESH&QA) management activities. Dr. Beranek has been most recently been working with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories leading research programs in health and environment as well as providing support in project management for research projects. Dr. Beranek also recently supported Savannah River Remediation with enhancement of their Performance Assurance program, having just completed his assignment as the Manager of Nuclear Safety and Plant Engineering for URS at the Waste Treatment Plant in Richland, WA.  Prior to that assignment he had spent 18 months retired from the URS Corporation assisting URS with assessments around the URS managed sites, domestic and international.  His last assignment prior to retirement was as Manager of ESH&QA with Washington River Protection Solutions, LLC that manages the Hanford Tank Farms Operations contract. In this capacity, his organization implemented an Environmental Management System and a DOE verified Integrated Safety Management System. Prior to this assignment, he was Site Chief Engineer at the Savannah River Site (SRS) managing over 1,000 engineers providing support for all SRS nuclear and non-nuclear facilities. Dr. Beranek led the initial development of the Preliminary Documented Safety Analyses for three one-of-a-kind nuclear waste processing facilities at the Waste Treatment Plant (WTP) at the Hanford, WA site. He also served as the Chief Engineer for the K-Reactor startup project at the Savannah River Site when the start-up of that facility was the DOE’s highest priority project. Dr. Beranek served as the first Director of Operations for Washington Safety Management Solutions (WSMS) when his organization at the SRS was spun off to form the nucleus of a commercial nuclear safety management company. During his career, Dr. Beranek retained his association with academia as an instructor at the University of South Carolina- Aiken for 5 years and as a member and Chairman of the Industrial Advisory Committee for the Nuclear Engineering Department at North Carolina State University for 15 years.